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Technologies (what)

Tools (what)

  • Design Tools (Popkin, etc.)
  • Mind Tools (Pareto, etc.)
  • Rule-Based Technologies

Business Rules Management

Business Rule Management Systems

  • Rounding Up Business Rules - Business rules management systems help organizations track and enforce the rules that make a business run -- and keep it on the right side of the law. News Story by Sue Hildreth. MAY 23, 2005 (COMPUTERWORLD)
    • Abstract: Do you know where all of your company's business rules are? Most enterprise users are surprised to discover how many important -- and not-so-important -- rules, regulations, policies and procedures are scattered all around the organization... In older, slower eras, this diffusion of policies and rules wasn't such a big problem. But business and IT executives find themselves under greater pressure than ever to adapt to rapid changes in the market and in government regulations -- as well as to operate at maximum efficiency. As a result, they are looking to round up these renegade rules and put them someplace they can be easily accessed, updated and applied to business processes. To do that, they're turning to business rules engines -- execution environments and repositories for business rules -- and management systems...

List of BRE/BRMS Vendors

Selecting the right BRE for your needs

  • Sidebar: What You Need in a BRMS. MAY 23, 2005 (COMPUTERWORLD) - Michael Barnes, vice president of technology research services at Gartner Inc., says business rules management systems typically have the following features...

Business Process Management

Knowledge Management

Enterprise Architecture


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