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Home of the Business Rules Knowledge Base™. (BRKB)

BRKB is our spot on the web where we'd like to share our knowledge about building rule-based and knowledge-based applications, along with our experiences and best practices on rule harvesting, design, development, and management.

Meeting notes from the Business Rule eXperts Group (BRxG) monthly meetings are here.
Slides and presentations from October Rules Fest 2008 are now available to the public. Follow this link.

The Business Rules Knowledge Base shows and tells you

what you need to know about business rules

why you should use the business rules approach, methodology and tools

how how to get from the rules idea stage to the action stage

where to go for more information, resources, and  blogs

who are the business rule engine (BRE) vendors, business rule management system (BRMS) vendors, and business rules consultants that can help you get there

when business rules events such as conferences and seminars are taking place.

Show and Tell

The Business Rules Knowledge Base tells you what you need to know about rules and shows you how to do it. The steps you need to take to get from the business rules idea stage to the action stage, and thru the design, development and deployment stage. How to choose the right technology vendor. How to choose the right methodology. Tips and techniques. Templates. . Proven methods. What works and what doesn't. Success stories. Real case studies with real ROI. Facts not hype.

Not Sell

If you need specific help such as business rule management consulting services, rule harvesting and rules definition services, or BRE professional services and solutions, please visit That is where you should go to get information about BIZRULES® consulting services and solutions. There we will tell you about the products and services that we sell.

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