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Strategies (why)

Executive Briefings

Strategies (why)

Proponents Push Business Rules, But Programmers Aren’t Buying, Yet 5/1/2005 By Stephen Swoyer.

What's the big deal with the business rules approach? (FAQ #17)
Ideas for getting programmers on board the rule engine approach

Playing by the Rules - By rescuing the procedures that govern your business from the dark recesses of code, the disconnect between IT and business could finally be healed; By ALAN S. KAY; CIO Magazine, April 15, 1999

Business Makes the Rules - Vendors promise to put business staff in charge of rules, but do you really want users messing with mission-critical apps? Here's how four firms are balancing responsibilities for rules; By Michael P. Voelker; Intelligent Enterprise; November 1, 2005

Executive Briefings

Business Rules Revolution - Executives across all industries are using technology to rewrite the rules of business—literally; By Kristine Blenkhorn Rodriguez, INSIGHT Magazine, August 2006.

Rules for CEO's - A White Paper for CEOs, CIOs, VPs, Directors, and Executives

Putting Rules Engines to Work - What if, rather than spending hours drafting meticulous requirements documents, business analysts could design and implement software logic directly, without the intervention of developers? That's the goal of rules engines, and they're changing the way IT does business; by James C. Owen, InfoWorld, June 28 2004

Start your business rules engine - Are you still embedding the rules of your business in application logic or database triggers? You're in big trouble. There's no way you can change those systems into flexible applications that meet the rapidly changing needs of your business; By PATRICIA B. SEYBOLD; Computerworld, December 09, 1996

Sidebar: Advise or Control. News Story by Sue Hildreth. MAY 23, 2005 (COMPUTERWORLD) - James Sinur, an analyst at Gartner Inc., explains that rules engines are used either to control transactions and processes or to provide advice and analysis... According to Sinur, there are three categories of rules systems:

1. Simple rules externalization...
2. Inference engine....
3. Behavioral learning...

What's a business rule? 5/1/2005 By Stephen Swoyer.

List of Applications where Expert Systems Business Rules, and Knowledge-Based solutions are Most Effective

Where Knowledge Automation Expert Systems are Most Effective. Exsys.

Expert Systems ROI. BIZRULES

Sidebar: Start With Good Rules. News Story by Sue Hildreth. MAY 23, 2005 (COMPUTERWORLD). ...According to Bethune, sustainable business rules have at least 12 characteristics. They should be adaptable, auditable, easily implemented, extensible, manageable, queryable, reusable, securable, testable, traceable, understandable and verifiable...

Identify the right Subject Matter Experts and Super Experts
Who are the Subject Matter Experts and Super Experts in your company?

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Enterprise Architecture


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