March 13, 2008

Introducing the BIZRULES® RuleMap™

Documenting business rules is a good first step on the path towards the business rules approach.

But sometimes that's not enough.  Taking the next step and getting to the next level requires simulating business rules so they are easy to review and verify.

Over the past few months BIZRULES has been working on a new product that lets us do both. It's a visual tool that lets us not only draw diagrams of business rule models, it also lets us simulate the rule logic. This tool helps us speed up the rules harvesting process and improves the quality of our rulebooks.

BIZRULES® RuleMap™ is an interactive rulebook that models business rules and simulates business logic.  This logical model lets you see how your business rules really work. It lets you visualize the Reasoning Chain™ that leads to smart conclusions and right decisions.

We use this tool to document your business rules independent of any BRE - yet it can be implemented using any BRE. Again, this is a logical model of your business rules.  It can be used as the rulebook or specs for authoring the rules in any BRE.

Take a look at a sample RuleMap. And let us know what you think. Contact us for pricing or a web demo.



July 07, 2006

InRule Technology: New BIZRULES Alliance Partner

BIZRULES has joined the InRule Technology ROAD Partner Program.

InRule is the only BRE built entirely on and optimized for the .NET platform. InRule should be on your BRE short-list if you need a fast .NET rule engine.

By joining the InRule Technology ROAD Partner Program, BIZRULES can now provide consulting services for InRule Technology clients needing additional help implementing rules-based applications.

BIZRULES helps companies Write the Rules of eBusiness®. BIZRULES is a leading provider of consulting services and turnkey solutions for business rules, business process, and knowledge management (BRM / BPM / KM). BIZRULES works closely with the leading BRE/BRMS/BPM technology vendors.

About InRule Technology

InRule Technology provides technology for the authoring, management and verification of application decision logic that involves rules, calculations and dynamic user interfaces. InRule™ is a business rules engine (BRE) developed and marketed by InRule Technology.

InRule Technology assists users to start “Thinking In Rules” and is committed to helping clients find the best route to implementing rules within their environment, whether through education, use of our best practices Implementation services, or working with InRule Technology partners such as BIZRULES.

More about InRule

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