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InRule Technology: New BIZRULES Alliance Partner

BIZRULES has joined the InRule Technology ROAD Partner Program.

InRule is the only BRE built entirely on and optimized for the .NET platform. InRule should be on your BRE short-list if you need a fast .NET rule engine.

By joining the InRule Technology ROAD Partner Program, BIZRULES can now provide consulting services for InRule Technology clients needing additional help implementing rules-based applications.

BIZRULES helps companies Write the Rules of eBusiness®. BIZRULES is a leading provider of consulting services and turnkey solutions for business rules, business process, and knowledge management (BRM / BPM / KM). BIZRULES works closely with the leading BRE/BRMS/BPM technology vendors.

About InRule Technology

InRule Technology provides technology for the authoring, management and verification of application decision logic that involves rules, calculations and dynamic user interfaces. InRule™ is a business rules engine (BRE) developed and marketed by InRule Technology.

InRule Technology assists users to start “Thinking In Rules” and is committed to helping clients find the best route to implementing rules within their environment, whether through education, use of our best practices Implementation services, or working with InRule Technology partners such as BIZRULES.

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Actually, InRule is not the only BRE built and optimized for .NET. ILOG's Rules for .NET was designed from the ground up to be .NET-native, with a pure-C# rule engine packaged as a .NET assembly, rule development tools embedded in VS, and rule management tools embedded in Sharepoint. For more info see http://www.ilog.com/products/rulesnet/.

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