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Here is an overview of the BIZRULES® VISION™ business rules methodology for building rule-based and knowledge-based solutions.

This proven methodology helps BIZRULES reduce system development time and deliver BRMS/BPMS/ES solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Three of the Fortune 10 use the BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology to document, assess, optimize, automate, and manage their business rules.

There are 6 tasks, or phases, from visioning and planning to deployment. Major activities are listed above each task. Major deliverables are listed below each task. Rule outputs and knowledge outputs are listed below Task 6.

What are the tasks and key steps in the methodology?

The six key tasks in the methodology are:

Task 1 - Visioning, Scoping, and Project Planning
Task 2 - Discovery and Definition
Task 3 - Rule Harvesting
  Knowledge Acquisition (KA)
  Knowledge Representation (KR)
Task 4 - Knowledge Engineering
Task 5 - Construction
Task 6 - Deployment and Change Management

The first four tasks apply to both rule-based and knowledge-based systems: defining the business rules, expert knowledge, and system requirements.

Tasks 5 and 6 vary depending on whether you want to build a rule-based or knowledge-based solution: 

If you want a rule-based solution, BIZRULES will use a business rule management system (BRMS), business rule engine (BRE), or business process management system (BPMS) to build your system.

If you want a knowledge-based solution, BIZRULES will use an expert system (ES) to build your system.

These six tasks are the key steps in the BIZRULES® Turnkey Solution. They are also the six Statement of Work (SOW) Tasks that clients can purchase individually or in a package from BIZRULES. 

About the BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology

This proprietary methodology includes tools, templates and techniques for defining, modeling, reengineering, automating, and managing business rules, business processes, and enterprise knowledge. It also includes best practices, frameworks, and methods for designing and building rule-based (BRMS/BPMS) and knowledge-based solutions (ES).

The methodology is platform neutral so it supports all the leading Business Rules Engines. The methodology works across industries and functional areas, and it supports small to large enterprise applications.

What makes the BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology unique and more effective?

The unique advantage of this proprietary visual methodology is that it takes the complexity out of any domain that is very difficult to understand, such as your enterprise business rules and processes, and makes it look easy.

Anyone can take something simple and make it sound complex. It is much more challenging to take something truly complex and make it look simple.

The BIZRULES® VISION™ Methodology, which is based on knowledge engineering and enterprise architecture, enables experts to visualize rules and processes so they are finally easy to understand and verify.

The real power here is the visual deliverables: The non-technical business rules and business process diagrams are easily understood by business people and SMEs. Yet, these diagrams are also easily understood by developers. Many of the rulebooks that BIZRULES has created using this methodology were coded without having to go back to the SMEs for clarification.

Contact BIZRULES for more detailed information about the steps in their methodology.

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