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Business Rules Hype Cycle 2006

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This diagram shows the ups and downs of the business rules market. Originally called expert systems and knowledge bases in the 1990s, this technology was renamed "Business Rule Engine" in the late 1990s. The current term "Business Rule Management System" emerged in 2004/2005.

The companies in red boxes are BIZRULES case studies. See: Mobil, Canada ISPR/Y2K, IRS. The Fortune 10 Co. case study is discussed in slides 58-73 of The Knowledge-Based 21st Century Enterprise. A detailed case study of the Mobil Oil Lube Knowledge Base is in slides 36-47 of that presentation.  The Canada case study is presented in slides 48-54, and the IRS case is summarized in slides 55-57.

The Sun Microsystems case study is presented in slides 22-26.

The CitiStreet case study is presented in slides 27-29.

The AMEX, DuPont, and DOL/OSHA case studies are in slides 30-34. See more information about AMEX. See more information about DuPont.

See more information about eBay, Fannie-Mae, and SABRE in the BRE/Company/Application matrix. We plan to add additional case studies and success stories to that matrix, so please check it as often as you like.


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