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  1. ATTENDEES (confirmed)


To BRxG/AA friends


What caused the BP Oil disaster in the Gulf? What triggered the Flash Crash?


Join us Tuesday May 17 @ 8PM CT for a Rules Harvesting Live session where we will explore how the BIZRULES® Simple Rules™ methodology can help explain what happened and how to prevent it from happening again. See how rule architecture models and knowledge engineering maps remove complexity and simplify the situation. We don't have all the answers, but we can show you how a rules-based and knowledge-based analysis make these problems much easier to understand.


Business Rule Experts Group (BRxG) and Agility Alliance (AA) invites you to attend our online WEBEX meeting & call on the 3rd Tuesday, May 18, 2010. (This month we'll use Webex, not Skype)


To join us, send an email to BRxG_DallasRulesGroup_2009@bizrules.info. We will send you a confirmation email with WEBEX call in instructions.


If you have any questions or would like more information, call me at 972-987-1685.



founder Business Rule Experts Group www.BRxG.org

founder Agility Alliance www.AgilityAlliance.org

BR consultant www.BizRules.com and www.VisibleKnowledge.com


Stock Drop and Oil Leak Rules Analysis


What were the rules for operating the BP Oil Deepwater Horizon blowout preventer (BOP)? What were the rules for shutting down and stopping the whole operation before failure?  Rules were broken, lives were lost, and reputations shattered when the oil rig exploded and pipes burst 5,000 feet underwater.


You thought accountability was hard in your company? Worried about losing credibility? Losing sleep over compliance with rules & regulations? Be glad you're not in BP's shoes. Need to bring together your top experts and super-experts who are the only people in the world able to solve a global disaster (Knowledge management)? Need to quickly come up with simple engineering solutions to complex technical problems that have never happened before in the industry (Agility)? Do you need to do it while the clock is ticking, oil is spilling, and the world is watching.? Rules can help.


What triggered the Flash Crash? Did anyone know how the (NYSE) system really worked and how it was inter-connected with other systems (Nasdaq)?  Did anyone understand that if one market stopped trading for 90 seconds the whole system would collapse? Worried that your company's stock will drop from $40 to 1 penny during your coffee break?


You thought architecting rules within your own company was hard? Nasdaq and NYSE are going to have to revisit their trading rules (strategy), integrate rules with competitors (interoperability) , do it quickly (agility), better make it work (quality), make sure the solution lasts (durability), better make sure this never happens again (reliability), and explain to the public how it really works (transparency). Do your systems, processes, and rules truly align with the corporate vision, mission, goals, strategy (alignment)? Do your systems truly serve Shareholders interests (profitability)? Rules can help.


May 18, 2010 meeting agenda


Rules Harvesting Live


BRxG/AA online meeting| 3rd Tuesday | 7:45 PM to 9:30PM CT (Dallas)


7:45 - 8:00 PM CT - Call in, connect, and join the meeting

 8:00 - 8:10 PM CT - Introduce new members; Discuss any new issues, challenges, problems & solutions, tips & ideas

8:10 - 9:30 PM CT - Present today's topics; questions for the experts; Expert discussion

9:30 PM CT - Wrap-up and suggestions for future topics


Ideas for future meetings/agenda


The agenda above is a good start, but our best meetings happen when the discussion is led by you, new topics are raised from out of the blue, and everyone shares their challenges and successes with rules. See our notes from prior meetings for an idea of what we talk about: http://bizrules.info/network/brxg_20100316.htm .


Each meeting is usually focused on 1-2 topics such as:


Feel free to send me questions or ideas for future meetings. Thanks!


Recent Discussions


(A) A BRE vendor has asked if they can sponsor a BRxG meeting to show us their BRE/BRMS S, and give BRxG a chance to "look under the hood" of their tool and ask the techie questions about how it really works and the mgmt questions of how it really makes things better. What do you think?





We want to hear from you - - Do you have a question you would like to ask our panel of BR experts? Email me your questions or ask them on the call.


(D) I have some answers for questions 10, 11, 14 below… along with a short briefing on Business Rules Best Practices to get us started.


Here are some questions BRxG members have submitted for discussion:

1. How do you know if this is a good candidate for a rule-based system?

2. ES vs. BRE?

3. What criteria do you use to select a BRE?

4. How do you estimate a rules project?

5. How do you know when you're done?

6. What is rules meta-data?

7. How do you get started doing rules?


Submitted by Lee:

8. How do you estimate a rules project?

9. Is it bad practice to tie actions (db updates) directly to rules?

10. Is the ABRD a widely accepted model for rules development?  Is there any other open or proprietary frameworks out there that are more popular?

11. What is the best way to introduce the business to rules development?  IE: the initial workshop to start breaking the rules down.


Submitted by Andrew:

12. Logical implication (use cases, best ideas for practice).

13. Testing rules (what's the best approach? Outside classes that call into rules? Is there a rules based practice for testing?)

14. How to tell when a rulebase contains an inadequate number of rules to deal with possible conditions (in terms of firing).

15. Managing a rules manager as part of the build process (deployment, pulling updates to a shared rulebase into source code, etc.).


Submitted by Cedric:

16. Basically, we want to use DROOLS'BRMS for the automation of tests of accessibility defined by the W3C (WACAG 1.0).

17. Some of these tests could be simply implemented, others like "how to evaluate the pertinence of comment in a tag HTML "alt" need more reflexion.


Submitted by Rolando:

18. Introduction to rule harvesting methodologies, Knowledge Acquisition, and Representation

19. What do we (IT) do when we get the rulebook from the business?

20. How do we do analysis, design, and development for rules?


Submitted by Stefanie:   (NEW)

21. Which rule types and patterns are you using for analyzing your company´s decision knowledge and optimal structuring your rule assets?




5. Website/membership update, BRxG AA Agility Alliance



Link-in with everyone on the call 


  1. Open discussion is nice, James wants to cover the questions on the agenda next time / stick to the agenda :)
  2. The state of BRE BRMS RBMS
  3. Issues, state of the BRE art, problems and solutions, tips & ideas, suggestions for next meeting/future calls
  4. News, blogs, projects, 5" presentations?
  5. Any other interesting topics?
  6. What do we want to actually DO, or ACCOMPLISH in the rules user grp