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Jobs: RuleBurst / Haley Rules Architect

Jobs: RuleBurst (Haley Rules) Technical Architect

BIZRULES is looking for a Haley Rules Technical Architect *

The Haley Rules Technical Architect manages the design and implementation of the Haley rules engine within the context of the Seibel implementation.  The Haley Rules Technical Architect will design the integration into the target environment.  The Haley Rules Technical Architect should have extensive experience implementing Haley Rules within the Seibel context.

* by "Haley Rules" the client means
- RuleBurst Rule Engine (BRE)
- SoftLaw Rule Engine (BRE) / Expert System (ES) 
- Haley Office Rules
- Haley Expert Rules
- Haley Business Rule Engine (BRE)

This is for a long term project. RULEBURST/SOFTLAW experts anywhere in the world (Australia, UK, Canada, USA, etc.) are welcome to apply for this challenging opportunity! Relocation available for top candidates.

If you are interested and have experience with RULEBURST / SOFTLAW / HALEY RULES contact us or send your resume to


+1 305.994.9510


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