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2008 October Rules Fest in Dallas, TX

October Rules Fest, the conference on rulebased and and knowledgebased systems, will be held in Dallas, TX on October 22-24, 2008. ORF is bringing together for the first time in one place the inventors and originators of key rules technologies and methodologies such as:

  • Dr. Charles Forgy, inventor of the Rete algorithm that drives many of today's leading Business Rule Engines such as ILOG, Fair Isaac, and Haley
  • Dr. Dan Levine, noted AI/Neural Net scientist
  • Daniel Selman, software architect and ILOG JRules Rule Studio team lead
  • Edson Tirelli, Drools/Red Hat
  • Gary Riley, co-author of CLIPS (where Inference/MindBox and Haley Rules originated)
  • Greg Barton, Infinimeme
  • James Owen, KBSC, rules consultant, noted author, and visionary
  • Larry Terrill, EBDX.com
  • Mark Proctor, co-author of Drools
  • Michael Neale, Drools/Red Hat
  • Dr. Richard Hicks, noted Validaton and Verification sicentist, creator of EZ Xpert, Texas A&M Univesity
  • Rolando Hernandez, Chief Rules Architect, BIZRULES and creator of the VISION business rules methodology 

The seminars and presentations will be ideal for both CTOs, technical architects with rules experience, and developers new to business rules development. There will also be tutorials and introductions to business rules architecture, technologies, and methodologies for CIOs, managers, and analysts who want to learn why knowledge and rules matter.

Dallas Rules Group is a new business rules user group formed in January 2008 by folks interested in business rules architecture and development, knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation, knowledge engineering, AI (artifiical intelligence), expert systems, and enterprise rules integration.

This will be a technical seminar for technical people.  For those interested in the business side of rules, join some of our distinguished speakers the following week in Orlando, FL at the 11th International Business Rules Forum.



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