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BizRules.com website gets new look

Lots of changes going on at BizRules lately. We've been in stealth mode in the last few months building new products and tools for rule harvesting, enhancing the VISION™ Business Rules methodology, winning a few large projects, and hiring. Time to roll back the curtain and introduce...

The BizRules.com website has a fresh new look. The top level pages are designed for quick reading and briefing readers on the products and services we sell. If you want to see more details, many of the links take you to the "classic" website containing more detailed information. Over time we'll refresh and modernize those pages as well.

BizRules.info, the Business Rules Knowledge Base, is where we show and tell you what you need to know about rules. We're redesigning that site and will launch that in the next few months.

I'd like to ask you a question: What information would you like to see in the business rules knowledge base?  Please contact us with your suggestions or ideas so that we can improve the site for everyone interested in business rules techniques and technologies.


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