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BIZRULES #1 Hits: Critical challenges facing businesses today

If networks run repeats, then bloggers can too. So this week I'm reprinting a popular article that is getting lots of hits on Google, in a shameless effort to keep that article #1 on Google:

Critical Challenges Facing Business and IT Today, Sep. 8, 2005, BIZRULES Blog

If you enter those words into Google, that article shows up as #1. Here are the stats as of now:

I didn't realize this was such a popular topic. If you'd like to add or suggest other critical challenges to add to the list, please add your comments to that article.


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I think you're confusing popularity with ranking.

While there may be some connection between the two in Google's algorithms, the one is not the other. A #1 ranking in the serps for a particular search phrase does not indicate how many searches are being made on that search term.

For that you would have to get an approximation from inside a Google adwords account. And your own web server logs can show you how many visitors are coming to your web site by searching for that term in Google and other search engines.

The number of occurances of the search terms on web pages that Google is aware is the number you are showing (e.g. 1.17 million). That is merely the number of pages that contain your search term.

However, since you did not put the search term in quotes ("") the number is very misleading. For example, the actual count of web pages that contain the exact entire phrase "critical challenges facing business today" is reported by Google to be only 12.

In other words, while we don't know how many are searching for this term, we do know that only 12 people on the internet are writing about it on their web pages.

Why does Google report over a million occurances without the quotes? Because some of the individual words occur that many times or more. For example, business and today occur with extremely high frequency.

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