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Comparing Microsoft's Business Rule Engines

Did you know that Microsoft has two rule engines?

Here is a presentation by Steven Kaufman, Principal Consultant in MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services), comparing Microsoft Workflow Rule Engine and Microsoft BizTalk Business Rule Engine.

This slide summarizes the differences pretty well:


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There is another major bullet point missing on the WWF side. There is a very well documented API that allows other tool vendors to provide the Rule Repository, Vocabulary Management, Rule Tracking etc.

Acumen's Rule Manager is generating complete WWF rule models from it's internal model.

This allows to leave the to leave rule writing to Business Analysts, and the technical integration to IT people.

You can try out this process yourself when you download the latest version of the Rule Manager.

BTW: Did you see the Interactive Rule Map as a Rule Validation tool?
See the video at http://bizknowledge.blogspot.com


Thanks guys. I appreciate your comments.

What are your thoughts on the fact that Microsoft's BRE's only support forward chaining, and there are current plans to support backward chaining in the near future?

Also, have you seen any info comparing their performance to other BREs? I wonder if James Owen over at InfoWorld has looked at that?


Here is well debated conversation on Windows Workflow FOundation's Business Rules Engine, and pureplay Business Rules Management Systems, out here, http://qrdn.brmsblog.com/2006/09/05/windows-workflow-foundation-and-business-rules/

Did you see the Microsoft announcement today? Their Business Process Alliance includes both BPM and rules vendors. Microsoft clearly want to be the platform for BPM without pretending they can do everything.
Check out my blog for links to the various announcements.

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