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Welcome to the BIZRULES® Blog

This will be our spot on the web to share best practices, tips and techniques for building rule-based and knowledge-based applications. We'd like to share our knowledge and experience on rule harvesting, design, development, and management.

This blog will focus on these related topics:

Knowledge Engineering · Knowledge Acquisition (Rule harvesting) · Knowledge Representation (Rule modeling) · Knowledge Engineering (Rule authoring and development)

Rule-based systems · Business rule engines (BRE) · Business rule management · Business rule management systems (BRMS) · Rule digitization

Knowledge-based systems · Expert systems (ES) · Knowledge management (KM) · Knowledge base management systems (KBMS) · Knowledge digitization

But we also want to learn from you and hear what you think. Send us your thoughts and questions. Tell us what you need to know. We’ll do our best to help you or point you in the right direction.

Rolando Hernandez
CEO and Chief Rules Architect

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