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A little bit about me (very little)

I’m a very lucky guy.

First, I met my lovely wife Michelle. That was the luckiest thing and the best thing that ever happened to me.

Second, I have been lucky and fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work on many advanced technologies and be on the leading edge of technology.

2000 – present

  • Served as IBM’s Business Rules SME and Business Rules Architect on the largest civilian systems modernization plan in history, the 15-year $10 billion IRS PRIME CADE Business Systems Modernization Project
  • Assisting companies, such as a Fortune 500 transportation company, with their BRE evaluation, short-list and BRE RFP selection projects
  • Leading BIZRULES business rule consulting engagements. See: Customer list

1999 – CES started doing business as BizRules.com


  • Learned about real-time OLTP reservation systems while consulting for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL)


  • Served as EDS Canada's AION Business Rules Consultant. Helped design and program the Business Rules in Canada's $400 million Income Security Program Redesign (ISPR) Project. (ISP is equivalent to the United States Social Security System). This was my Y2K project, and my first business systems modernization project


  • Learned how to manage offshore/outsourced projects while consulting for Burger King

1995 – Founded Competitive Edge Systems Inc. (CES)

1994 June-Dec

  • Learned how to manage offshore projects while working for BAESA, the Pepsi-Cola bottler in Brazil

During six years at Mobil Oil between 1988-1994:

  • Learned how to work with and interview subject matter experts
  • Learned object-oriented analysis & design (OOA/OOD) and object oriented programming (OOP)
  • Learned how to program object-oriented systems using AION, a completely object-oriented programming language
  • Learned how to program expert systems using AION
  • Learned how to do Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Representation, and Knowledge Engineering
  • Learned how to plan, estimate, control, manage, and deliver international projects

1986-1988 While working on a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems with a Concentration in Artificial Intelligence from the UM School of Business (this was equivalent to an MBA degree and studying AI from the practical, business perspective)

  • Learned a lot about A.I, expert systems, knowledge engineering, and knowledge management during graduate school
  • Started developing a knowledge engineering methodology that would later evolve into the BIZRULES® VISION™ business rule methodology
  • Started free-lance writing

1983-1986 While working on a Bachelor of Science in Systems Analysis from the University of Miami School Business:

  • Became an INGRES DBA
  • Apple released the Lisa computer. I played with Lisa. It had a GUI and a mouse. Forget the amber screen on the VT-100 and the VAX. Lisa was cool and it was the new thing
  • Apple released the Mac. My first personal computer was a Mac Plus
  • Started learning about Expert Systems, and Artificial Intelligence. This was the new new thing in the 1980s. This was the beginning of the Expert System Hype Cycle. I was hooked again.

1980-1983 During high school in Miami-Dade County:


  • My best friend Marc had a TRS-80 and we both got hooked on micro-computers and computer games
  • Learned to use the Xerox Star. This had an Ethernet network, the first laser printer, a mouse, a real GUI, the works. This was the first truly object–oriented system that I had ever seen. This is the same system that Steve Jobs saw at Xerox, that inspired him to invent the Mac.
  • Learned to program INGRES relational database management systems (RDBMS)
  • Learned how to do Digital BASIC programming on a DEC VAX 11/780
  • Learned how to do event-driven programming on the Mac


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