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Critical Challenges Facing Business and IT Today

I was looking through some presentations I gave five years ago and found a list of critical challenges facing Business and IT. These problems could be solved using a business rules approach and BR technology. I'm afraid many companies that haven't climbed aboard the business rules train still face many of these challenges today.

Now that I'm blogging, I thought it would be a good idea to "externalize" this list and make it available on the Web. I'd like to keep adding to this list over time. And of course I welcome your suggestions or additions.

Critical Challenges Facing Business Today

  • Compliance with external regulations/laws and with internal policies/rules
  • Ability to change business rules instantly
  • Managing knowledge
  • Managing business rules
  • Re-engineering and simplifying business rules and business processes
  • Product development time to market
  • Application development time to market

Critical Challenges Facing IT Today

  • Dealing with rapid business change and increasing complexity
  • Time to market
  • Increasingly complex business rules
  • Changing or adding business logic can break existing logic
  • Business rules aren't properly documented
  • Business logic duplicated across systems
  • Building flexible systems that can support unknown future requirements.
  • Many systems today limit what the business can do
  • We don’t know the rules in our systems, yet these systems run the business
  • Existing rules may actually be inherited system constraints
  • Different IT units document business rules differently, if at all
  • Business people speak business rules, yet IT speaks data and code
  • Managing knowledge, especially business rules

The business rules approach and business rules technology can help solve each of these problems.


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Good points, thanks James!

I think businesses are also facing a need to show they are compliant with social pressure - not just explicit regulations but the implicit expectations of informed consumers. This kind of self regulation matters more and more. I also think companies must deal with coordating processes across the extended enterprise and that this requires more automation of the decisions that link steps in the process. John Hagel's book "The Only Sustainable Edge" is a great review of this challenge.
For IT I think that the drain of maintenance work and the inability to free up resources for innovation is critical.

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