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Rules for CEO's - A White Paper for CEOs, CIOs, VPs, Directors, and Executives

by Rolando Hernandez, Founder & CEO, BIZRULES

"An exciting new technology called Business Rules is beginning to have a major positive impact on the IT industry - more precisely, on the way we develop and maintain computer applications."

C.J. Date, inventor of the relational database model which revolutionized the field of computer science

Why do you need Business Rules?

The biggest challenges facing business and IT in the 21st century are Change and Complexity. Artificial Intelligence & Business Rules are the answer.

Businesses rely on thousands of business rules that are hidden and buried in hundreds of computer programs that run the business. If you want these programs to work properly, your business rules must be carefully designed and linked together to form a logical decision chain that the system follows from beginning to end in order to make correct decisions.

The problem is that companies are still “hard-wiring”, or hard-coding, business rules using traditional procedural programming languages. That means that in order to change business rules, they have to go through the endless edit, change, compile, test, debug, edit cycle.

Reprogramming “hard-wired” rules takes months.

How can Business Rules help you?

The Business Rules Approach makes it easier to change rules. You take business rules out of the program code and store them in a rulebase instead. You treat rules as data not code – Instead of “hard-wiring” business rules, you store rules in an inference engine that knows when and in what order to execute the rules.

That makes changing business rules as easy as changing data. Business people can finally change their own business rules instantly, without recompiling, and without waiting for IT to change the program code.

Changing Business Rules takes minutes.

Some companies do not need Business Rules

If your business strategy includes any of the plans below, then you really don't need to invest in business rules:

Do you plan to continue reprogramming “hard-wired” rules the long expensive way?

Do you plan to not enable your business people to manage the rules of the business? 

Do you plan to not document your rules and processes an controls for compliance?

Do you plan to fall behind the competition?

Do you plan to go out of business?

Companies that want to stay in the game need Business Rules

If your plan is to leap ahead of competition, or simply to just keep up with competition, then you should consider using business rules management techniques and technology.

What's your plan for keeping up with the ever-increasing rate of change and complexity?

What else can you do? How other method can you use to get ahead and stay ahead of the game?

What's your plan for changing rules in minutes instead of months?

What's your plan for reducing system development and maintenance costs between 25-50%…

What's your plan for adding intelligence to your computer systems?

What's your plan for ensuring compliance with laws?

What's your plan for preventing fraud?

What's your plan for reusing business rules throughout the enterprise?

What's your plan to enable business people to manage business rules?

If you really want to do all that, plus sharpen your competitive edge, increase sales, cut costs, and maximize revenue, then your best option is to use the power of Business Rules.

Are you really ready for Business Rules?

Do you need to change rules frequently in order to deal with constant change?

Do you need to change rules instantly in order to keep up with competition?

Do you need to change IT systems faster in order to keep up with the Business?

Are you fed up with systems that are too hard to develop and even harder to maintain?

Do you need to simplify & redesign your rules because they are too complex?

Do you really want to reduce time to market?

Are you worried that your core business rules are buried in the code across many programs?

Are you afraid that no one really knows what the rules are or where they are?

Do you need to capture knowledge from top experts and retain knowledge as a corporate asset?

Do you need your automated rules to align with your company’s strategy, policies, & procedures?

Do you want business people to write business rules in English, without coding or recompiling?

Do you face an application development backlog?

If you face any of these challenges, then you are ready to use the business rules approach and business rules technology. BIZRULES is one of the business rule services/methodology firms that can help you overcome these challenges.

Contact them or call 305.994.9510 to learn more about BIZRULES® Turnkey Solutions and how they can help you move from the business rules idea stage to the action stage.


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